People are willing to do anything in order to lose weight, including strict and unhealthy diets or other weird methods. According to Dr. Susan Burke March, the author of Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin Naturally, all diets work as you’re essentially restricting your food intake. However, this... Read more
brea*st changes occur and differ from a lady/woman to the other. Sometimes brea*st changes are usually nothing to worry about but in some cases they may be signs of a serious underlying health and with brea*st the commonest remain brea*st cancer! brea*st cancer can be deadly when not caught/detected... Read more
Get the ultimate soft glam for the weekend(video)
A soft glam makeup for the weekend makes all sorts of effortless statement. A subtle makeup look makes statement without being too much or going all out. It’s a perfect picture of chic glamorous without going all out but just enough to rock any look it’s worn with. Beauty... Read more
Eeasy way to tighten pores naturally
Large/open pores are frustrating and take a lot away from a flawless makeup routine to say the least! Open/large pores affect the skin’s natural texture and makes them more prone to infection. If the skin is not moisturized daily, it over secretes oil to make up for the loss... Read more
Cancer cure discovered by 8-year-old girl
A YOUNG girl may have accidentally come up with a cure for cancer while talking to her parents over the dinner table. Camilia Lisanti, who is the daughter of a husband and wife cancer research team in Manchester, suggested using antibiotics as a potential cure for cancer. Her father,... Read more
9 things some men are too afraid to ask for in bed
No matter how much crazy-great se.x you and your partner might be having, admit it: You’ve wondered if there’s any desire he’s holding back. Hey, chances are you have a fantasy or curiosity that you may or may not have worked up the courage to divulge just yet, so... Read more
Bosom size is individual and changes in each lady. As a rule, hereditary qualities is in charge of the extent of bosoms, however little bosom here and there might be consequence of loss of supplements, hormone insufficiency and so forth. While a few ladies are overcome enough and choose... Read more
7 Things to Know About Your Child’s Sleep
  Why Your Kid Needs Her ZZZs It’s not just to keep her from getting cranky! Little bodies need slumber to grow and stay healthy. Her muscles, including the heart, repair themselves during sleep. Sleep also controls the signals that tell your kid if she’s hungry or full, which... Read more
Gross Stuff Kids Do: Will It Hurt Them?
  Pick Their Noses Childhood and boogers seem to go hand and hand. Scan any room full of kids, and there’s a good chance you’ll see at least one “digging for gold.” Even grosser? They often wipe the treasure they find on the nearest surface, or eat it. Picking... Read more
What his favorite se.x position says about him
You can tell a lot about a guy from his shoes or his car or the way he treats people in general. But if you want real insight into his weird brain, check out his preferred sexual position. One simple act that can be done in countless ways means whatever... Read more
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