You Can Get Sparkling White Teeth with this 2 Minute Home Remedy
We earlier wrote about yellow teeth and how people can get rid of them. This post goes further to give you a cool home remedy you can apply to turn your teeth into sparkling white. You do not have to spend money on expensive dental treatments to get that... Read more
Do Not Apply These Things on Your Face!!
There are lots of things we apply on our face for some reasons thinking we’re doing the right thing. How can you ever truly enjoy great skin if you don’t educate yourself on what you are putting on it? Do NOT apply these things on your face… or else… find... Read more
Do you Have Eczema? Here’s What Cures It
Eczema puts you at greater risk for developing skin infections, such as staph and impetigo, but there are ways to lessen your risk. Do you have eczema? Apple cider vinegar is the answer. Apply unpasteurized apple cider vinegar diluted with water to your face three times a day for... Read more
Dangerous Side Effects of Hair Coloring
Coloring your hair can be wonderful for hiding those pesky gray’s or just boosting your inner awesomeness. Its true that hair dye does contain harsh chemicals which if left on your hair for periods that go beyond the prescribed time can damage your hair. Some common dangerous side effects... Read more
How to Treat and Remove Cellulite From Your Skin
Cellulite is made up of free-floating fat cells that are deposited just beneath the skin. It has a distinct appearance, like the dimpled surface of an orange peel or cottage cheese. It is most common in the thighs, but it can also be present on the legs, buttocks or... Read more
How to Clear Your Stretch Marks and Prevent Them From Appearing Again
Stretch marks mostly appears on our body during pregnancy, puberty, or rapid weight-gain. There are some things you can do to clear your stretch marks, as well as preventing them from appearing. Continue reading if you want to see how to clear your stretch marks and prevent them from... Read more
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