3 Easiest ways to Care for your Skin
For daily skin care, you can limit your routine to three simple steps: cleaning your skin, protecting it from the sun, and tending to any specific skin problems you may have, such as dry skin, acne, or fine lines and wrinkles. Products for all three steps are available for... Read more
6 Habits That Are Clogging Up Your Pores Like No Other
Fact: We all have pores—and we’ve all been annoyed with them at some point. “Pores are simply one of those little physical things that bother many individuals, both men and women alike,” says Joel Schlessinger, M.D., board-certified dermatologist and RealSelf advisor. That said, certain habits can make them look... Read more
7 Things Your Dermatologist Is Dying to Tell You About Your Skin
Dermatologists have seen all kinds of skin-care concerns up close—from nasty breakouts to brutal sun damage and everything in between. So what do these pros really want to tell women about their skin? Here, seven derms share the one thing they want all of us to know. 1. BE... Read more
Natural Ways to Remove Dark Skin Patches on Underarm, Elbow and Knee
Sometimes its very embarrassing to have dark patches on your underarm, elbow or knee or neck. Using cosmetic treatments can be very expensive and could result into more skin pigmentation and make the situation worse. Removal of dark underarms and skin patches can be done easily at with the... Read more
Do Not Apply These Things on Your Face!!
There are lots of things we apply on our face for some reasons thinking we’re doing the right thing. How can you ever truly enjoy great skin if you don’t educate yourself on what you are putting on it? Do NOT apply these things on your face… or else… find... Read more
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