Is Baby Breech? How to Tell & What To
About 3-4 percent of all pregnancies will result in the baby being breech. A breech pregnancy occurs when the baby (or babies!) is positioned head-up in the woman’s uterus, so the feet are pointed toward the birth canal. In a “normal” pregnancy, the baby will automatically turn inside the... Read more
What to expect within the First 12 months of Your Baby
From helpless newborn to active toddler: It takes just 12 short months for your baby to undergo this incredible transformation. Babies grow and change at an astounding pace, and every month brings new and exciting developments. New moms and dads often wonder what to expect next and how to... Read more
Reasons Why Your Baby Don’t Sleep at Night
You’ll have to admit that being a parent is a beautiful experience, but it’s also a tough job. You get to experience new things every day as your baby grows. One such problem is your baby not sleeping at night. Initially, newborns sleep throughout the day and regularly wake at night.... Read more
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