7 Embarrassing Moments You’ll Definitely Experience During Pregnancy S*x
#1 When There’s Significant Discharge Womens have zero control over what comes out of my body during pregnancy, and especially during pregnancy sex. Womens feel sorry for putting their husbands in such situation. #2 When Your Go-To Positions No Longer Work When you’re pregnant, your body isn’t entirely yours.... Read more
She Was Tired Of Being Called A Liar, Finally Films Proof Of Her 2-Month-Old Talking [Video]
When a couple has a new baby, it’s as if every single day of their life becomes a new adventure. From the moment the baby arrives, the couple stares down at their new bundle of joy in awe. And then there are all those firsts that start highlighting their... Read more
9 Cool Things for Kids That Will Make The Life Of Any Parent A Lot Easier
Having children is fun and difficult at the same time. Some of the many parents out there are designers and inventors, and this can lead to the appearance of some truly wonderful gadgets that our parents and grandparents could never have dreamed of. Here are selection of some of the coolest things that are guaranteed to make the... Read more
8 Surprising Truths You’ll Experience During First Sex After ChildBirth
Having s*x for the first time after you have a baby can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to make post-baby s*x the best s*x of your life. I was as nervous about having s*x the first time after giving birth as I was about... Read more
This Baby Has So Much Hair People Keep Asking Her Mom If She is Wearing a Wig
11 month old Millie Mitchell is certainly ahead of other babies her age in one aspect: Her impressive mane of hair. “They held her up over the curtain to me after I had my C-section I just went, ‘Oh my God,’” Millie’s mom, Meg O’Halloran, told SWNS. “She had this... Read more
How to Tighten Loose Skin After Pregnancy
Follow our tips to help you tighten up your tummy after pregnancy. One of the easiest way to tighten loose skin is by. exfoliating, Get an exfoliating scrub and scrub your belly with it each time you get in the shower. This helps to improve circulation and regenerate new,... Read more
3 Things a Child Learns While in the Womb
Scientists have found out that humans learn certain things even before they’re born. 1. Experiencing tastes Professor Peter Hepper from Queen’s University in Belfast wondered whether you can like food even before birth. He conducted a study where soon-to-be-mothers either ate or cut out garlic. The results were quite interesting, as children born of mothers... Read more
Women See The 5 Ways to Reduce Heartburn During Pregnancy
It was heartburn that got me in the end. I could take the swelling, the back pain, the constant trips to the bathroom, the itchy skin, the fatigue, the sweating, the sleeplessness and even the psychological shock of seeing the scale tip 200 pounds. But the constant, searing pain... Read more
Mom Delivers Huge 11 Pound Baby Without Doctors or Drugs
New born baby Simon is as big as they come. Given birth to at home without any doctors or painkillers, the mom was assisted by her husband and midwives. The mom, a Washington woman, had expected to deliver an infant on the big side, but not that big, she told... Read more
Baby Cielo is Born in a Rescue Chopper, After the Peru Flooding Which Killed 100s
Can you imagine giving birth to a baby in a rescue chopper as you are being lifted in a rescue chopper from a flooded village? That is how Cielo came into this world. According to CNN reports After weeks of steady rain, a ray of sunlight: A woman gave birth... Read more
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