Doctors Say These are the Benefits of Not Giving a New Born Baby a Bath Immediately
So some hospitals are beginning to wait hours after a baby is born before giving it the first bath. So why is that? Doctors suggest that there are benefits to not bathing a baby soon after it is born. See key benefits they outlined below; Babies are born covered in... Read more
Here’s How To Tell How Clever Your Baby Is From Its Poo
Want to know how smart your baby can be? The key to knowing could be in your baby’s dirty nappy. While everyone claims or assumes their baby is clever a new way has emerged that you can actually use to gauge how clever your baby is, going by the... Read more
Here’s Few Reasons Why a Vagina May Smell Sour (and Should You be Worried?)
Vagina smells differ. And for most women, they are so concerned about the smell of their private parts. If your vagina smells foul or sour should you be worried? What could be the cause of foul smell of the vagina. Don’t panic yet, though. According to Bustle , sometimes... Read more
The First Baby in The World Not to Be Assigned a Gender
In Canada an 8 month old baby is believed to be the first child to be born and not be assigned a gender (male or female). The baby, Searyl Atli Doty, born in November 2016, has been issued a health card without either ‘male’ or ‘female’ asigned. Instead the... Read more
Causes and Signs of Miscarriage You Should Know
What is a miscarriage? Miscarriage or spontaneous abortion, which is defined as the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy in the first 20 weeks, is the most common type of pregnancy loss. Statistics collected by ACOG reflect only the number of miscarriages in confirmed pregnancies; experts believe the actual number... Read more
9 Signs You May Be Pregnant
What are the earliest signs of pregnancy? When can you find out if you are pregnant even before the missed period? Early Pregnancy Signs: Sore Breasts This is a very common pregnancy symptom, says Goist. “Breast tissue is extremely hormone-sensitive,” she explains. “When progesterone and hCG start flooding the... Read more
This Pregnancy FAQ on an Obstetrician’s Office Wall Will Make You Laugh
This ‘pregnancy FAQ’ from a particularly sarcastic OB will have you rolling on the floor – unless you’re too pregnant to do that, of course. The sign was shared on Reddit’s Baby Bumps thread by a user named YellowWoodenTable, whose legendary OB had it posted to their office wall.... Read more
Watch This Video on Easy Steps to Save a Baby from Choking on Small Objects or Food
This is another one of those things that absolutely mystifies new parents and non-parents—infants and toddlers are constantly choking on things. Babies and toddlers often put anything and everything they see in their mouths, increasing the chance of choking and suffocating on them. As a parent, always keep an eye... Read more
How Little Baby Paige Was Born at Only 23 Weeks of Pregnancy, Was Smaller Than a £10 Note & Still Survived Against All Odds
This Zoe Ambrose’ touching story about her baby who was born at just 23 weeks Zoe Ambrose says she discovered she was pregnant just 10 days before going into premature labour with her daughter, Paige. The infant was born in hospital 17 weeks early – before the legal abortion... Read more
8 Day Old Baby is Burnt in House Fire in Lagos, Nigeria
In a rather sad an eight-day-old baby was burnt to death after a fire broke out in Abeke street, Makoko area of Lagos, which razed down houses. The raging inferno swept through the shanty Makoko settlement, burning about 20 structures, and rendering over 80 people homeless. An eyewitness said the... Read more
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