8 daily habits that causes body odour 8 daily habits that causes body odour
When it comes to body odour, there is no one on this planet that would be proud of it. It’s repulsive and many people... 8 daily habits that causes body odour

When it comes to body odour, there is no one on this planet that would be proud of it. It’s repulsive and many people who have the problem always try to seek help wherever they could.

There are many reasons that could account for this but the majority actually depend on the lifestyle of the person involved. Today, we take a look at 10 habits that actually makes you develop body odour.

1. Wearing Shoes Or Sneakers Without Socks.
If you know you’re into this habit, then you better stop because apart from generating an odor, it also causes foot rot. When you wear a shoe without socks, the sweat from your leg gets trapped in your shoes and since there’s not much air circulation in there, it produces a strong smell and whenever you get your shoes off, it smells badly. With time, it becomes a part of you and so when you’re even without a shoe or socks, it still produces a bad odor.
Wearing a sock helps prevent this smell by absorbing the sweat from your feet, giving you a fresh smell. If you are the type who sweats profusely, then it’s advisable to use some powder on your feet before wearing your socks and shoes.

2. Not Shaving Your Pubic Hair.
If you don’t shave your pubic hair, sweat is trapped in there allowing bacteria to multiply. This generates a strong body odor no matter how hard you take a shower.
I are not saying you shave them clean, but you can trim them from time to time to avoid smelling bad.

3. Not Bathing Regularly.
If you’re the kind of person who hates bathing, then you should be ready for the outcome. This is because, if you bath less frequently, the bacteria on your skin multiplies and when they do, they fart, producing a bad smell.

4. Damp Clothes.
After washing or doing the laundry, it’s always advisable to make sure the clothes are well dried before taking them off the line. When you pack damp clothes, they produce a bad smell and if you continue to wear them, with time, your body will smell damp.

5. Consumption Of Certain Foods.
All of us have our own “odor signature,” largely determined by genetics, overall health and, of course, personal hygiene. But what we eat can also play a role. If you have good hygiene but find that you have an unpleasant odor (or other people tell you so), you might have to check if anything in your diet is contributing.
Foods such as garlic, red meat, curry, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage etc. can all give you body odor, that’s why it’s important to bath regularly after eating these foods. This doesn’t mean you should do away with these foods, because they are important for you, but some could be limited.

6. Constipation.
Yes, constipation can cause body odour. Think about it, the most efficient way to eliminate toxins from your body is through emptying your bowels. If this process of elimination gets slowed down or gets clogged up in the colon, the result of this will cause a number of problems like a polluted environment in the colon, the neutralization of the beneficial bacteria in your gut, and constant inflammation in your intestines. Not only that, since your primary method of elimination has been hindered, the toxins will be discharged through other pathways of your body like your urine, breath, skin, and sweat.
So if you are the type who always has a problem with constipation, you should know this could result in body odour. To prevent this, eat a lot of fibrous foods such as pineapple, banana, cabbage, yam, etc. This will let you have free bowels and all the toxins will be eliminated. Also learn to drink a lot of water and exercise.

7. Excessive Sugar Consumption.
If you have a sweet tooth, then you’re in for trouble because excessive consumption of sugar can produce body odour. Though there are no scientific studies proving the claims, anecdotal reports abound about body odor worsening after people eat foods containing a lot of refined sugar. It may be that the spike in blood sugar caused by eating these foods affect the composition of your sweat and/or that yeast overgrowth causes the sugar to break down into alcohols that contribute to body odors. Here is one more good reason to avoid refined sugar!
Excessive sugar consumption can also affect your insulin and when they are not broken down properly, these leave toxins in your blood stream, generating a bad body odor. Sugar also causes yeast overgrow and we all know with yeast infections, comes body odor.

8. Drug Overdose.
Narcotics are a major contributory factor to body odor and can never be left out. People who smoke weed and do cocaine always carry with them strong body odor.
It’s not just there, taking some prescription drugs can also cause body odor, because most orthodox drugs also messes up with your system, producing repulsive bad odor..



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