8 Ways To Treat Drool Rash In Babies 8 Ways To Treat Drool Rash In Babies
A drool rash or dribble rash is the soreness of the skin around the mouth and the cheek. If the drooling is excessive, the... 8 Ways To Treat Drool Rash In Babies

A drool rash or dribble rash is the soreness of the skin around the mouth and the cheek. If the drooling is excessive, the rash can also appear in the folds of baby’s neck and on the chest. It appears as a slightly raised patch with several small red bumps with or without tiny eruptions. It causes irritation on baby’s delicate skin.

There are several medicated creams to soothe the irritation caused to your baby due to drool rash. Similarly, there are numerous home remedies to treat drool rash. Some of them are:

1. Wash: Wash the affected area with lukewarm water twice daily. The first wash should preferably be in the morning. Carefully pat dry the area. Never rub the area, as it will aggravate the redness and the irritation. Always use a gentle washcloth that absorbs the drool but does not cause irritation to the skin

2. Bathing: During bath, always remember to use unscented and mild baby wash. Do not use scented shampoo or soap as it can further irritate the rash. Never use baby lotion after bathing directly on the rash even though you can use it in other areas. This is because the chemicals in the lotion can aggravate the rash

3. Avoid potential irritants: Never use a chemical based product on or near the affected area. The bed sheet the baby sleeps on, the pillow covers, his clothes, bibs, the muslin cloths used to dry the drools etc. should be washed with fragrance-free mild laundry detergent. Also wash your clothes with the same detergent as your baby will be in constant contact with you. Likewise, avoid using creams and lotions with harsh chemicals in it

4. Use protective lotion and ointment: After discussing the issue with your baby’s doctor, select an ointment or crème preferably with lanolin, which is not harsh for your baby, to soothe the irritated skin. Make sure to apply only a thin layer so that it does not get into your baby’s hands or mouth, but covers the affected area properly. Make sure you use products that are safe for babies

5. Moisturizer: Vaseline petroleum jelly is a widely accepted moisturizer, which is counted as safe to apply on your baby’s skin. It acts both as a moisturizer and an efficient skin barrier that prevents the drool from further contacting with the irritated skin

6. Wipe it: Always wipe off the drool and change the drool-wet dress as soon as possible. Make sure that you gently wipe thus avoiding the rash from getting worse. Do not use worn out towels or washcloths to wipe, and make sure you are very gentle

7. Aloe Vera gel: Pure Aloe Vera gel is also a popular home remedy for treating drool rash. Use it only after getting a green signal from the doctor

8. Coconut oil: Applying pure coconut oil on the affected area acts in two ways. Firstly, it acts as an excellent lubricant treating the irritation. Secondly, the antibacterial properties of coconut oil prevents the chances of secondary infection



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