7 Beauty Tricks Every Woman Should Know 7 Beauty Tricks Every Woman Should Know
This beauty trick works perfectly for every woman if carefully executed. Its very important to look tasty whether you’re going to work or you... 7 Beauty Tricks Every Woman Should Know

This beauty trick works perfectly for every woman if carefully executed. Its very important to look tasty whether you’re going to work or you have a date to catch up. We have listed 7 beauty tricks for every woman to try..

1. Use a Toothbrush for Better Looking Lips

Every woman suffers an occasional case of rough especially during the dry winter, moisture-craving lips that no amount of lip smacking seems to cure. It accentuates the cracks in your lips and can irritate the skin. Matte lipsticks especially make the dryness appear starker, while a glossy lip shade manages to conceal it under its shine.

Here’s a quick fix:
-Dampen a toothbrush with water.
-Apply a little coconut oil on your lips.
-Gently exfoliate your lips with the toothbrush for 2 to 3 minutes.
-Rinse your lips with warm water.
-Apply a lip balm (optional).
-Apply lipstick.

2. Brighten Up Any Eye Shadow with White Eyeliner

Here’s how you can brighten up your eyes without splurging on another palette:
-Apply white eyeliner to your entire eyelid.
-Apply the eye shadow in the color of your choice.
-You will notice the difference right away.

3. Use a Business Card to Prevent Smudgy Eyelids

Sometimes you want voluminous, thick and stunning eyelashes for a social event. Yet, every time you try to get that perfect coat of mascara going over your top lashes, you end up with mascara all over your eyelids.

Well, business cards is the answer!
-Place the edge of the business card on the bottom of your lid where your eyelashes begin.
-Using the edge of the business card, pull your eyelashes up. This will make the tips of your eyelashes perk up and -level with the surface of the card, blocking the mascara wand’s contact with your eyelids.
-Apply the mascara generously, allowing the extra product to smear on the card.
-You can use the same trick on your bottom lashes. Pull your lower lid down with the edge of the card and apply that mascara all over the length of your lashes without fear!

4. Fix Greasy Hair with Baby Powder

Here is a quick home remedy for combating greasy hair and saving money you would have spent buying bottles of dry shampoo:
-Put some baby powder on your palms.
-Using both palms, sprinkle it onto the top of your head.
-Using your fingertips, gently rub the powder onto your scalp.
-Repeat this process to cover all the greasy areas of your scalp.
-The powder is a great oil-absorbing agent. Place a towel on your shoulders to avoid powdery clothes.

5. Warm Up Your Eyelash Curler for a Lasting Curl

Many women use an eyelash curler to enhance the look of their lashes. Curled eyelashes do look fantastic, and with the right makeup, you’d be looking tasty.

However, the extra curl rarely lasts long, and by the time the evening begins to kick off, you are back to a limp set of lashes.

Here’s how you can get long-lasting curly eyelashes:
-Warm up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer for 5 to 8 seconds.
-Curl your eyelashes.
-Just as the heat from a hair straighter keeps your hair straight for hours, the heat emanating from the eyelash curler will lock the eyelashes in a curled position longer.
-DO NOT overheat the curler. Keep the blow dryer at a reasonable distance when heating the curler.

6. Use a Spoon to Achieve the Perfect Winged Eyeliner

A winged eyeliner instantly jazzes up your eyes – perfect for those who are into edgy fashion. Trying to achieve this look can be a downright pain in the neck, especially if you are pressed for time. However, it is totally easy to master with the assistance of a simple household spoon!

-With the front of the spoon facing toward your face, align the handle with your lower eyelashes.
-Adjust the handle to angle it according to how steep you want your eyeliner wing.
-Start drawing black eyeliner in a line along the handle from the outermost corner of your eye. Make the wing as long as you want.
-Adjust the handle again, and put it along the tip of the line you just drew and cover two-thirds of your eyelid in a perfect triangle.
-Draw a line along the handle with eyeliner again.
-Fill in the triangle with the liquid liner for the perfect wing.

7. Use Translucent Powder for Longer-Lasting Lipstick

Getting your lipstick to stay on longer is always a common problem for most women. It just doesn’t happen. Furthermore, if you’re occasionally drinking and eating while at an event, your lipstick will fade even faster.

A simple trick can give you a long-lasting shade of lipstick and save you the trouble of applying and reapplying lipstick in public.

Here’s what you can do:
-Apply a lipliner, the same shade as your lipstick, all over your lips.
-Apply your lipstick.
-Place a tissue or blotting paper over your lips.
-Dip a makeup brush in some translucent powder, and dab it over the tissue onto your lips.
-You will get a more matted finish on your lips and your lipstick will stay on longer!



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