9 Things You Should Avoid Doing Before Going To Bed 9 Things You Should Avoid Doing Before Going To Bed
Are you one of the millions of adults out there who lack adequate sleep everyday? While many individuals tend to get enough good sleep,... 9 Things You Should Avoid Doing Before Going To Bed

Are you one of the millions of adults out there who lack adequate sleep everyday? While many individuals tend to get enough good sleep, you don’t. There are certain things you’re doing that can get in the way of a good sleep. Here are things that you should avoid doing before going to bed to help you get the best sleep possible.

Drinking Coffee
For the vast majority of people, coffee is something that is likely to wake you up and prevent you from sleeping. When every sip of that coffee, just remember that your heart rate rises, arteries constrict, and your mind races at such a fast pace that you cannot relax. If you are looking for a good night of sleep, make the wise choice and refrain from that cup of coffee at dinner and if you are sensitive to caffeine, try to avoid consuming coffee much earlier in the day.

Some individuals hit the gym later at night in order to get that required exercise for the day. The problem with exercising later at night before bed is that the mind and body will be more alert and awake. It is recommended to exercise at least two hours before bed. Exercise is generally something that helps you fall asleep at night which means you should aim to get your exercise earlier in the day if you can.

Eating Unhealthy Foods
A large fattening meal before going to bed is something that can prevent you from getting the peaceful sleep that you desire. Fatty foods take longer to process and breakdown, which means your body needs to work harder in order to accomplish this. As a result, your heart rate increases, respiration increases, and you might get indigestion as a result. Similarly, spicy foods have a similar effect on the body and if you eat excessively spicy food near bedtime, you are likely to have problems sleeping that night.

Watching Horror Movies
Watching TV, particularly detective stories or violent scenes can also keep you awake. You want to be at peace within yourself before you go to sleep. Some people like soothing music or self-hypnosis tapes just prior to sleep to help them fall asleep, which is usually better.

Hot Showers or Bubble Baths
Taking hot showers can actually cause your body to warm up and prevent you from sleeping as well as you can. The body needs to be cool in order to drift off into a peaceful slumber, which is why you should avoid taking any hot baths or showers too close to your bedtime.

Sleep With your Pet
Sleeping with your pet can be a relaxing time that soothes you and your household pet. However, the one thing that you should never do before going to bed is invite your dog or animal into bed with you to sleep. The rationale of this is that when you are asleep, your pet will get up, scratch, claw, or move around and this could cause you to wake up prematurely. When you go to bed at night, you want to make sure that everything is free from distractions and sometimes those distractions are your pet.

Drinking Alcohol
After a big night of drinking, your entire sleep cycle is disrupted and you spend more time awake, have fewer dreams, and have an elevated heart rate. When you’re drunk, you don’t get the REM (dreaming) sleep you need. While alcohol depresses your nervous system, helping you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly at the start of the night, it revs your body in the second half of the night. The next thing is you’re left feeling groggy in the morning.

Reading from an Electronic Device
It seems that a common routine for many individuals is to read on a cellphone before going to bed. While this may appear that you are calming the nerves by doing this, it actually has a negative effect on your mind. When the sky turns dark and the night arrives, your body naturally secretes melatonin. This is your primary sleep hormone that helps you to initially fall asleep when the time nears. However, when you are subjected to the ambient light from electronic readers, TV, cellphones, or any electronic device that gives off blue light, you are preventing your body from releasing melatonin. This will prevent a good night of sleep and may have you feeling restless.

Smoking before bed has a negative effect on the body. When you smoke, your vasculature is affected and you are stimulated, which is not desirable when you are looking to calm your mind and body. In addition, smoking generally causes your heart rate to increase and blood pressure to spike.



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