See 8 Reasons Why You Should Read Books See 8 Reasons Why You Should Read Books
Reading books does not only contribute to learning new languages but, also can be more than entertainment. Reading wouldn’t be labeled with such importance... See 8 Reasons Why You Should Read Books

Reading books does not only contribute to learning new languages but, also can be more than entertainment. Reading wouldn’t be labeled with such importance if there weren’t obvious, universal benefits. Here are 8 reasons to pick up a book and start reading..

It Boosts Your Brain Power
You can think of your brain as a muscle — the more you use it, the bigger and stronger it becomes. This is the reason why reading books can help you increase your brain power by leaps and bounds. It helps keep your memory sharp, lowering your risk of brain function decline as you get older. According to experts, exercising the brain on a regular basis can reduce mental deterioration by as much as 32 percent.

It Causes You to Become Smarter
Studies have shown that kids exposed to children book at an early age scored high not only on reading exams, but also on overall tests of intelligence. Definitely, you will learn more things as you read more books. Opening a book is always an opportunity for you to gain new knowledge.

It May Lower Your Risk of Alzheimer
It is considered that reading lots of books can reduce your chances of suffering from Alzheimer disease later on in life. Whether you prefer to read science books over sci-fi novels or biographies rather than romance novels, reading engages the brain and keeps it stimulated. It better to use your brain all the time than never because, according to experts, brain inactivity can put you at high risk of having Alzheimer disease.

It Makes You Less Judgmental
Especially if you opt for literary fiction, your understanding of others can considerably increase. Because you become a more empathetic being, you end up being less judgmental. Having a better understanding of other emotional states and, ultimately, actions can help you build more complex relationships. You may not experience everything that other people go through, but reading allows you realize just how multifaceted human minds are.

It Promotes a Good Night Sleep
Other than making you feel relaxed, reading a book can also help you get some sleep at night. Flipping through the pages of your latest find after hopping into bed signals your brain that it time to chill out and get to dreamland. Unlike other nightly habits such as watching TV or tinkering with your smartphone or tablet, a book does not emit the kind of light that is said by the experts to disrupt your body clock and keep you from having a good night sleep.

It Helps You Relax
A study conducted back in 2009 revealed that reading could reduce stress levels by up to 68 percent. Do not worry much over which book genre you opt for — it can only leave you more stressed! Get something that interests you greatly and willfully lose yourself in it after a long and tiring day at work.

It Lets You Influence Others
You can help others take advantage of all the benefits of book reading by encouraging them to read as well. The next time you hang out with friends, step foot inside the local bookshop and scan the selections. Parents can also influence their children to become early readers by reading aloud to them and buying them books that are not only appropriate for little minds, but also interesting to the eyes of their young ones.

Reading improves math skills
Could it be? Research would suggest so. A study found that students who read for pleasure made more progress in math than their counterparts. But you should probably still do your math homework.



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