Stop These! 9 Habits You Do That Harm Your Skin Stop These! 9 Habits You Do That Harm Your Skin
Most times we compromise on our skin’s health by doing the wrong thing. Does your skin look dull every time you look into the... Stop These! 9 Habits You Do That Harm Your Skin

Most times we compromise on our skin’s health by doing the wrong thing. Does your skin look dull every time you look into the mirror, and you wonder why? To have beautiful and healthy skin, we need to take good care of it. The secret to healthier skin lies in a healthy lifestyle. Try abstaining from the following list of things and you will see the result as your skin regains its lost glow.

Sleeping Late:
One of the worst treatments we can dole out to our bodies is by sleeping late. It is an unhealthy practice since it leads to weight gain, and it also puts your skin’s health at risk. Lack of sleep causes the secretion of the hormone ghrelin that stimulates the feeling of hunger. When you get proper 7-8 hours of sound sleep, your skin rejuvenates itself.

Popping Zits:
When you scratch your skin frequently, there are lesions and scars that take months to heal, or are permanent. If you have chronic acne problems, the first advice a dermatologist will give you is to not pick or pop it. Popping the zits allows bacteria and dirt to penetrate deeper into your skin pores and cause further infection.

Taking Long Hot Showers:

Hot showers? It is comforting and refreshing. However, it is bad for our skin. The warm water washes all the essential oils that your skin secretes to keep it moist. Your skin ends up becoming drier than it was before you walked into the shower. Washing your face with water too often has the same effects. So, reduce the time spent in the hot shower, and always moisturize after the shower. This way, you can ensure your skin is not too dry after every shower. When your skin starts to turn red and itch in the shower, you know its time to step out.

Using hair products on your face

Next time you apply hairspray or other hair lotion, make sure you use a clean towel to cover your face to protect your skin. Also, try using a sweatband when you hit the gym so no hair products drip onto your face when you begin to sweat.

Talking on phone

More hours spent talking on your cell phone can lead to lashes and breakout along your cheek. Be sure to keep antibacterial wipes with you to keep you skin clean.

Dirty pillowcases

During sleep hours at night your skin gets a chance to rest and shed dead cells. those dead cells can build up over time on your pillowcase, leaving behind toxins and bacteria. To keep skin healthy, make sue you change your pillowcase at least every two weeks.

Drinking too much alcohol

Wine, beer, and liquor can dehydrate your skin, leaving it quenched for moisture. Without that moisture, you are more prone to wrinkles and dryness.

Heavy makeup

Try to skip few days a week using makeup, this allows your skin to breathe. It also prevents clogged pores and breakouts while avoiding premature aging.


Constant movements of the muscles from facial expressions can lead to frown lines. To give your skin a rest, try avoiding scrunching of the face, which will cause permanent wrinkles and lines in your skin.
There are many other things you could do for better skincare like avoiding stress, eating healthy and getting some exercise. All healthy lifestyle habits help rejuvenate your skin health while restoring your general health.




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