I am writing this about the significance of wisdom teeth while the all of mine have been removed. They have been removed for quite... WISDOM TEETH DENTAL SCAM & WHY YOU NEED YOUR WISDOM TEETH

I am writing this about the significance of wisdom teeth while the all of mine have been removed. They have been removed for quite a long time. I am almost sure that most of yours have been removed also. I didn’t know what to do with them.

We believe our dentist to do the best job and almost never question their techniques. I should have researched and questioned myself. But now I can tell you and share with you my research and you can make choices for yourself and not listen to your dentist. Most of us have been informed that wisdom teeth should be removed because we don’t need them. As per the dental specialists, they are simply unnecessary teeth that just awkwardly crowd out mouth.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the further back teeth and are called the Third Molars.

They usually come out when you are in late teens or early twenties. There is a research published in the American Journal of Public Health, more than 67 % of wisdom teeth removals are not necessary. Each year only 20 has been proved to be necessary out of 10 million wisdom teeth removals in America. You must understand that the old story that wisdom teeth can cause different disease is not true. Let’s take a look realistically, the dental industry is making a big money of it (around one billion dollars per year).

Dr. Weston A. Price in 1900s made a research for connection between diseases and oral health. He found out old tribes, with their old-style diets, that were almost 100 percent free of tooth falling-off. He made a conclusion that dental and whole health depend on our nutrition.

Luckily, this finding is trained by holistic dentists these days and they understand that when you supply enough food to the jaw bone amid its developments, every one of the 32 teeth will have space in your mouth without swarming.

This means that if we feed properly we won’t have any troubles with wisdom teeth.

Dr. Weston Price found out that when these tribes started with sugar and white flour their perfect healthy teeth, quickly got worse.

I recommend reading his interesting and eye-opening book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Why You Need Your Wisdom Teeth

Our teeth are vital, inside organs and are connected to the body completely. Wisdom teeth are related to our small digestive tract and the front of our pituitary organ. 46 percent of the sensory and motor nerves in your brain’s cerebral cortex are interrelated to your face and mouth. So when a tooth is removed, it irritates and breaks an acupuncture meridian that courses through the tooth territory. The meridian acupuncture system is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 5000 years.

t demonstrates the important relationship between your teeth and your joints, spinal portions, vertebrae, organs and endocrine organs.

Wisdom teeth extractions can be dangerous.

Did you know that around 57,000 and 175,000 individuals have had permanent tingling, prickling or numbness caused by nerve damage? This, once more, demonstrates that all of our teeth are associated through nervous system with every part of our body. Although it is a typical surgery for most of Americans, wisdom tooth removal contains serious dangers which can prompt sudden death.

So I don’t recommend removing wisdom teeth because of all these, unless there is a good reason to do so. According to Jay Friedman, a California-based dental consultant, more than two-thirds of all wisdom tooth removals are medically not necessary, and most for the patients would be perfectly fine if they just left their wisdom teeth alone.



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