3 Transforming Makeup Tricks Every Lady Should Know 3 Transforming Makeup Tricks Every Lady Should Know
A few months ago, rumours made the rounds that Nollywood actress Dakore Akande had undergone a rhinoplasty aka nose lift. The actress had been... 3 Transforming Makeup Tricks Every Lady Should Know

A few months ago, rumours made the rounds that Nollywood actress Dakore Akande had undergone a rhinoplasty aka nose lift. The actress had been spotted at the Nollywood Presidential Dinner with a much more pointed looking nose and it didn’t take long before rumours began to swirl that the actress had gotten a nose job. Not long after that, the actress granted an interview where she debunked the rumours stating that it had infact been her makeup artiste who was responsible for the ‘nose job’ and not a surgery as was being speculated. Quite simply, Dakore’s nose had been contoured by makeup tricks to give it a more pointed look. Such is the power of makeup.
The power of makeup is nothing if not transforming. With a few strokes and pats, a tired looking face can suddenly come alive, transformed into a bright, gorgeous one. Any lady and perhaps even more so, guys would attest to the transforming power of makeup and many a guy has fallen under its captivating spell.
Just like Dakore’s ‘nose job’, there are several makeup tricks a lady can use to transform her features, playing up her strong features while toning down her flaws. Here’s 5 of such tricks.
1. Eyebrow filling: The presence or absence of eyebrows can drastically change a lady’s appearance and more so when its well-defined. For even more dramatic and natural looking brows, use an eye-shadow or brow shadow that closely matches the colour of your brows. Apply with an eye-shadow brush beginning from the center of the brow and work outward toward the brow tip then back toward the beginning of the brow.Use short, light strokes between the brow hairs, and apply a bit more pressure (for stronger color) when defining the underside of the brow to make the eyebrows look fuller. When done, brush over with an old tooth brush for a more natural looking effect.
2. Contouring: Just as in the case of Dakore, contouring makes the face look slimmer and more sculpted. To achieve this effect, follow these easy steps:
– Apply concealer to your face in an upside-down triangle shape; underneath your eyes, along the bridge of your nose, and above the cupid’s bow of your mouth. This will act as a highlighter for your face enabling natural light to bounce off those areas and making them more prominent. When you’re done, apply foundation.
– After applying concealer and foundation, use a matte bronzer or contouring powder about two shades darker than your foundation colour, sweep this across the hollows of your cheeks (it helps to suck-in your cheeks while doing this). Next, sweep the bronzer below your jawline, under your chin, and along your forehead. This helps make these areas appear to recede, creating a more chiseled, defined look to your cheekbones and jawline. If you want to minimize the appearance of your nose, you can also use a small brush to dust the contouring powder down the sides of your nose (which makes it appear more narrow) and underneath the tip of your nose (making it look shorter).
– Thoroughly blend all the face makeup (concealer, foundation, bronzer or contouring powder) with a makeup brush. As a final touch, sweep blush onto the apples of your cheeks (the areas that pop up when you smile). This helps bring the whole look together.

3. Sweeping lashes: To get extra fanned out lashes,apply a volumising mascara to the lashes from the bottom and sweep upwards and outwards to the base. The thickness should be at the base of the lashes as opposed to the tips to create fuller looking lashes and dark eyes. After applying, use an old dry mascara brush to get rid of excess and clumped up mascara.



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