No matter how you try to take care for your feet, the skin often becomes dry. This is a problem that concerns members of... EASY NATURAL WAYS TO SOOTHE FOOT PAIN

No matter how you try to take care for your feet, the skin often becomes dry. This is a problem that concerns members of the gentler sex, who like to wear high heels. Foot care is especially important in the winter days, because your feet are frozen and soaked into your shoes. The result is destruction of the skin of your feet. The main reasons for foot pain are: some diseases like arthritis or diabetes and also here belong shoes that do not fit. If we wear shoes that do not fit, we have poor circulation. There are many things that you can do in order to heal your feet.

Foot Pain

To refresh your feet you can put your feet in hot salt water. The ration of the salt and water should be: one teaspoon of salt to one liter of water. The temperature of the water can be room temperature. You can hold your feet for 20 minutes.

You can also take a cup of apple vinegar and dissolve it in two liters of water. Put this in a bowl and put your feet in the bowl. Leave your feet for about 45 minutes and then with foot file remove the dead layers. After this you have to moisten your feet with moisturizer and wear socks. You will feel relaxed and your feet will be softer.

The best technique for relaxation is massage. When you massage your feet, you help your feet relieve from the pain. Massage improves blood flow, stimulates the secretion and sweat, it improves the metabolism. By massaging your feet you make your skin supple and healthy. It affects the muscles to stretch and relax. Massage eliminated the acid which creates spasms.

You can also use some essential oils. Olive oil is one of the best essential and natural oils that have positive effects on the skin. Massage your feet with this oil after the shower. The olive oil gives the necessary moisture to the skin and prevents from becoming rough and dry.

Other oil that is very used is the lavender oil. Mix the lavender oil with milk and massage your feet. This combination softens the skin. It helps in removing the dead skin cells.

Another type of essential oil is the almond oil. You can make a combination of almond oil and lavender oil and massage your feet for a few minutes. If you do peeling, you can add sugar or sea salt and almond oil and milk. With this peeling you will remove the dead cells from the skin from the feet.

Other natural solution can be the honey. It has antibacterial and moisturizing features, so it is ideal to use for foot pain. In a warm bath put 3 tablespoons of honey and leave your feet in the bath for 15 minutes.

Did you know that the banana can be used for healing the foot pain? The banana is ideal for foot care. You need to knead the banana and put it on your feet. Leave it to act for 25 minutes, and then wash your feet with warm water. Put this mask once a week.

If you have fungal infection, you can try this recipe. Mix white vinegar and hot water, and put it on your infection. You should repeat this procedure twice a day.

These home remedies will help you to relax and they will also help your tired feet to rest after the hard day.



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