Dangerous Side Effects of Hair Coloring Dangerous Side Effects of Hair Coloring
Coloring your hair can be wonderful for hiding those pesky gray’s or just boosting your inner awesomeness. Its true that hair dye does contain... Dangerous Side Effects of Hair Coloring

Coloring your hair can be wonderful for hiding those pesky gray’s or just boosting your inner awesomeness. Its true that hair dye does contain harsh chemicals which if left on your hair for periods that go beyond the prescribed time can damage your hair. Some common dangerous side effects of hair coloring include skin redness, scaling, itchiness, split ends, hair dryness, lusterless hair, excessive hair loss and graying.

Continue reading to see more of the dangerous side effects of hair coloring and why may be forced to stop doing it.
Brutal allergic reactions and rashes

When you are investing a lot of money to dye your hair, the first thing you demand is the longevity of the color. The chemical PPD (Paraphenylenediamine) in the hair dye makes it happen. It ensures the color on your hair should look shinning and gorgeous even after several times of washing your hair. But you are not aware of the fact that PPD may be the key perpetrator of allergies! It can bring you an itchy scalp, swelling and red rashes on the scalp, and mild dandruff problem. Even the rashes may appear on the areas those were exposed to the dye.

Asthma symptoms

Ammonia is an essential content of hair dye; it is a common contributor to having asthma problems. Other than that, persulfates are present in hair dye. A continued inhalation of this can effectively lead to having asthma in the near future. Being in the contact of hair dye for a longer period of time, hair experts have higher exposure to its effects! They are more endangered to wheezing, throat discomfort, lung inflammation, and asthma attacks.


Severe effects of chemicals

You can dye your hair either temporarily or permanently. Though temporary hair color can be easily washed off, but in the other case, the hair dye contains harshest products. These products break your hair’s natural color pigments and replace them. How much these chemicals can harm your health is still under research, but whatever has revealed yet, is too scary! As above-discussed, PPD is highly present in hair dye. A preservative named DMDM hydantoin is responsible for harming your immune system. Toxic and burning ammonia can cause respiratory issues, and so on.

Breast cancer

A possible link between cancer and hair coloring is still under debate. There are chances that PPD, which is rich in hair dye, can break human DNA cells that in turn result in cancer. But it is still under research that whether the amounts of PPD present in hair dye can do it or not. Resorcinol, another chemical present in the hair dyes, is an endocrine-disrupting chemical. It disrupts the natural balance of hormones in the human body, thus grows the risk of having breast cancer!

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Coloring your hair on a regular basis can effectively lead you to the symptoms of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It’s a type of cancer that is often found in lymph tissue, bone marrow, and spleen. While spreading, it starts affecting the functionality of immunity system. The carcinogenic effects of various hair dye products are not written on the label, but this doesn’t prove that they are not guilty.

It is better to minimize the use of hair dye. And if you are going apply it, take patch test behind your ear or on the inside of your elbow. And it’s more irritating that except all your hard efforts you can’t prevent the possible damages to your beautiful hair after dying it. So be cautious friends, evaluate the consequences of dying hair before you go for it!



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