New Condom Changes Colors When Exposed To STDs New Condom Changes Colors When Exposed To STDs
​Wish there were a sure way to know if someone had a sexually transmitted disease? Now you can catch people red-handed, or uh, red-penised.... New Condom Changes Colors When Exposed To STDs

Wish there were a sure way to know if someone had a sexually transmitted disease? Now you can catch people red-handed, or uh, red-penised. Three British teens proposed an idea that will rock the world of safe sex- condoms that change colors when exposed to various STDs! Depending on what venereal disease you had, the condom could turn purple, yellow, or green. This new condom could potentially reduce the amount of people getting sexually transmitted infections! This is the new condom that changes colors when exposed to STDs.

Awkward. Imagine, you’re hot and heavy with your partner, about to seal the deal. You put on a condom and start going at it, then…

Luminescence. Your penis starts to change hue. Someone’s just shown their true colors and revealed they have an infection. An STI

The inventors. Three teens from England’s Isaac Newton Academy thought up this brilliant idea. Daanyaal Ali, 14, Muaz Nawaz, 13, and Chirag Shah, 14, named their concept the “S.T. EYE.” So you can see what you’re getting into! They won a $1500 prize for their project.

Concept. According to the Washington Post, “a concept for a smart condom that would alter its luminescent hue when exposed to common STDs. There would be antibodies on the condom that would interact with the antigens of STDs, causing the condom to change colors depending on the disease.”

  • Chlamydia. Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection. If your partner had this, it would turn the condom a nasty green. Yikes!
  • Herpes. The herp turns the condom yellow. Though it’s unclear if it would detect if your partner didn’t have an outbreak. Or if you didn’t have symptoms. Students aren’t sure if they want to include herpes. The WHO claims two thirds of the world’s population has it, but many people who are asymptomatic might not want to know. They are considering substituting it for gonorrhea or HIV, which require immediate treatment.
  • HPV. The human papilloma virus is becoming increasingly common- and undetectable among men. This purple omen will let you know what’s up. But you won’t know which strain…
  • Syphilis. Code blue! Is not something you want to see on your penis. Blue would be the color for Syphilis. So if it turns this color, see a doctor immediately.
  • Rainbow? What would happen if the person had more than one STI? Would they have a rainbow penis? These are questions that need answers.

Working out the kinks. It’s still unclear as to how the mood-ring condoms would work. Will it detect with you as well as your partner? Both parties should be involved. Though it’s still an idea, and researchers haven’t figured out how to make it a reality, the concept is genius. It could prevent so many treatable STIs like chlamydia and gonorrhea, and alert people to more serious ones, like syphilis. Condom companies are already approaching the teen trio.



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